Myths About Muscle Weight Gain 

Muscle Gain Weight
A huge majority of myths about muscle weight gain are handed down from so-called gurus from the gym that don't know a
 thing about the body's workings.

These myths lead to a lot of time wasted, frustration, and if taken as whole truth, can be detrimental to any progress in the gym.  You can't believe everything you hear in the gym when it comes to muscle weight gain and exercise.  You can see for yourself when you do a little research on your own.

Basic and simple principles apply to all weight and muscle gain such as progressively overloading, fluctuating frequency of repititions and workouts of high intensity.

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Here are a few of the most common myths about muscle weight gain:

1)  High repetitions burn fat while low repititions build muscle.

Fact - In order to make muscles bigger, you need progression overload.  If you do the same amount of reps at each workout, you will not change your muscles.  In addition - if the amount of weight of the workout doesn't change - your muscles will not change as well.

2)  When working out to gain muscle weight - you can eat whatever you want.

Fact - Sure - you can always eat whatever you want, as long as you don't care what you look like.  You can't just consume all the calories you want, as well as not care what type of calories you are taking in.  Of course you will burn more calories than someone who is completely sedentary, but you still need to balance it all out.

3)  If you take a break for a week, you will lose everything you have gained.

Fact - Taking a week or two off every now and then will not hurt your training.  In fact, you SHOULD take a break every 8 to 10 weeks or so just to heal those small injuries.

4)  If I eat more protein, I can build bigger muscles.

With all the hype about protein rich diets these days, it would make sense to assume that eating more protein would build more muscles.  Muscles really work on calories that should mostly come from carbohydrates.  The key here is also to make sure they are "smart carbs."  Carbs with a low-glycemic index.

5)  I cannot lose fat with resistance training.

This is a huge myth!  Muscle is tissue that is metabolically active and the faster the metabolism, the quicker we burn the fat.

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