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How many times have you seen some awesome looking six pack abs in a movie, or on t.v.? Have you said to yourself, "Dang, I REALLY want to look like that!" I'm sure you have! And if you've worked on it at all, then you know that just doing crunches is not the key to that awesome six pack. Here are a few tips on how to get six pack abs.

Six Pack Abs Need A Plan!

Let's start with food.

Yes, that's right, you're going to have to get rid of that junk food! I know that's pretty hard for most of us to do, but once you get rid of it, and the sugar is out of your system for a little while, you won't miss it at all, I promise you.

Next - you need to look at the carbohydrates that your taking in. Now, there are good carbs and bad carbs. In the past few years carbs have really gotten a bad rap. Well, don't be fooled...all carbs are not bad. You want the carbs that come from sources that have a low-glycemic index. You'll want to choose whole wheat instead of white breads and pastas. You can get your carb sources from fruit! Another wholesome carb is oatmeal. Your body will need these carbs as fuel.

You can check out the Six Pack Abs Diet here.

There are a lot of myths as to what is healthy and was is not healthy. If you think that a muffin for breakfast is healthy - you may want to look at just how many calories and fat are in that muffin.

How About That Exercise?

Ab exercises do NOT burn fat away from your abs! You need a more effective routine that truly puts your body's metabolism and hormones into balance.

You'll need to really work on the type of exercise, combination of exercise and sequence in order to really gain the most beneficial effect that is going to get you ripped and cut!

You cannot get six pack abs by simply doing crunches. Although you will build the muscles, they don't just pop out and show up. You need to get rid of the outer layer of fat overlying those abs.

AND...there are more effective exercises to achieve six pack abs than just doing crunches.

For more detailed instructions and photos on how to do this properly, visit:

The Truth About Abs


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